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A Fake Dating Profile - Banned From CyberDating:

Vital Statistics:


Seeking:Long-term dating

Location:, NY

Age:Prefer Not to Say

Status:Prefer Not to Say

Ethnicity:Prefer not to say


Appearance:Prefer not to say

Height:Prefer Not to Say

Hair:Prefer Not to Say

Tattoos:Prefer not to say

Have Children:Prefer not to say

Tobacco Usage:Prefer not to say

Drugs Usage:Prefer not to say

Education:Prefer not to say

Astrological Sign:Prefer not to say

Body Shape:Prefer not to say

Weight:Prefer Not to Say

Eyes:Prefer Not to Say

Piercings:Prefer not to say

Want Children:Prefer not to say

Alcohol Usage:Prefer not to say


Religion:Prefer not to say


Reading Choice:

Movie Choice:

Music Choice:

Email Address:   Caution SCAMMER: Do Not Contact

Biography:I look for someone similar in that sense. Balance in life is key from those I am around and myself. I lead from my heart. I am looking for that initial "spark" with someone in hopes to become my #Romantic, life partner and best #Friend, I want the last chapter of life to lead toward the sunset with my sweetheart by my side. I simply don't want to waste anyone's time. Sometimes I don't log out of my app so if it looks like I'm online I am, but I might be "away". So be patient in responses. I will respond eventually if I'm interested.
I enjoy talking period! I am a good listener though. I do get bored & turned off however when someone is clich or coming off with a big ego. I will engage in meaningful conversation where a person is truly being transparent, and I can get to know new things about them and even learn something. I enjoy sharing what I am interested in as well so, if you ask, I am pretty much an open book. Looking for #Friend, first.

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Scam Profile Summary:

Name: darlene00
CyberDating Member#: FU127687
Sex: Woman
Location: , NY
IP Address:
Actual Location Based on IP:
   Secaucus, NJ, United States
Date Added: 2020-05-29 11:12:31
Status: 0

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